Promoting Ardor and Nxt Blockchain Technology

The Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG) is an initiative to better allow community members to participate in the growth of the Ardor Platform and Nxt Blockchain ecosystems as well as to provide businesses, projects, and organizations in the blockchain ecosystem, a platform to gain wider visibility as well as collaborative opportunities with others. It was initiated by the Nxt Foundation, a community-created organization founded in 2014 aimed at making Nxt blockchain technology more accessible by being a point-of-contact, as well as providing tools for the community.

Ardor Blockchain Platform

Ardor Blockchain Platform

Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service platform focused on scalability that will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of Nxt with their own blockchain, known as child chains, that are powered and secured by the Ardor blockchain. Since all processing will be done on the Ardor main chain, child chain creators won’t need to worry about common issues when creating a blockchain as well as securing it with enough nodes. Child chains will be able to utilize features currently seen in Nxt such as decentralized phasing, voting, and trading, as well as be able to interact with other child chains on the platform.


Nxt Blockchain

NXT is an open source blockchain platform and launched in November 2013. It was the first to use a 100% Proof-of-Stake system and has no need for energy-intensive mining, thus making the Nxt network much more accessible and energy-efficient. In addition, the focus of Nxt was not only to create a new currency, but also to create a blockchain platform on which people can build on to provide solutions for various problems. To aid this goal, a number of ground-breaking features have been created by Jelurida, the Nxt core development team, such as an Asset Exchange, a Marketplace, and Voting.