General Members

The General Membership program will mimic the Supporter+ program, retain all its benefits, including the choice of emails, as well as other new benefits to be announced during the interim period. At the time of this announcement, no new supporters will be accepted into the program until a proper fee has been set. However, all Supporters, with or without the + attribute, will be given this membership for at least one year from January 15, 2018, depending on their initial contribution. They will also be given this status during the interim period.

After January 15, 2018, members will either need to pay a yearly fee for the Business Membership or upgrade to the Premium Business Membership. This fee will be determined during the interim period. However, some categories will either remain free or have a nominal charge, and perhaps have a different membership category. These will also be determined during the interim period.

All Corporate Supporters of the Nxt Foundation will automatically become Premier Members of Ardor Nxt Group and retain this benefit for one year starting January 15, 2018, regardless of their remaining months as a Corporate Supporter. Until the fee for Premier Membership has been announced, no new Corporate Supporters will be accepted at this time.