Premier Members

The premium business membership category for the Ardor Nxt Group is targeted to larger businesses and projects that qualify for the Business Membership, though is by no means restricted to them nor is this category the only one available for larger businesses and projects. Additional benefits, such as better positioning on the site, as well as potential special press release, will be available for these members. The fee for this category will be considerably higher than the Business Membership, and may or may not take into account the amount of employees of the business.

All Corporate Supporters of the Nxt Foundation will automatically become Premier Members of Ardor Nxt Group and retain this benefit for one year starting January 15, 2018, regardless of their remaining months as a Corporate Supporter. Until the fee for Premier Membership has been announced, no new Corporate Supporters will be accepted at this time.

  • The Janus Project
  • Sigwo Technologies
  • Jelurida